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We’re glad you’re here!  We are a Registered Investment Adviser founded in 2007 and offer Investment Management and Financial Planning services to Individuals, Families, and Small Businesses.

Welcome to World Class Financial

We believe good investing starts with a plan.  This plan needs to take research and experience and convert that into a set of rules, which are followed consistently and without emotion.  Our investment process uses price to determine momentum and trends in the marketplace and then follow those trends while keeping a strong focus on managing risk. 

A good investment plan is only half the story however.  A good financial plan is what helps you determine where you’re going and why.  When do you want to retire?  How much should you be saving for retirement?  What kind of return do you need on your money to reach your goals?  Is there a college expense in your future?  What are the biggest risks to your financial plan?  These are the types of issues we help our clients solve throughout the planning process. 

Once you’ve built a solid financial plan and have a disciplined investment process in place, great ongoing service will help you stay on the path to reaching your goals.  For us, this means consistent communication with our clients to make sure we understand their needs and they understand what we’re doing for them. 

Whether you’re interested in planning for the future or just having a better investment plan for your money, feel free to look around the site for more information or request more information using the “Questions?” box located on each page throughout our site.  The best way to get to know us though is through a face-to-face meeting.  We’d love to see you


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